Игра Crime Hunter обновлена до версии 2.54

Экшен сайдскроллер crime hunter получила целую серию обновлений, последняя из которых стала версия 2.54.

Также игра появилась на itch.io , где теперь продается начиная с версии 2.5.

Список изменений.

New in 2.54
Fixes a bug reported by the great and incredible Brandon Cole where if you fall a large distance, you will become indefinitely stunned when you respawn from dying.
New in 2.53
Fixes a traceback with auto endless mode happening when the enemy spends as many points as he can and has nothing else in his logic check to spend points on. Now, he spends random points after that point.
More changes to auto endless bank extractification!
Introduces new AI speeds!
The AI can now save up points and buy the bomb, grenade and force field invincibilities.
New in 2.52
Tweaks to Auto Endless mode and using banked points.
New in 2.51
Now, if the scoreboard is empty and you try to view it, you are now told there are no scores to view rather than just unserimoniously being dumped back into the menu.
More code cleanup! Woo hoo, isn’t it great?
Thanks to Alex Hall, the menu item that mentions how many times the game has been run has been updated to say run and not ran.
Well well, what do we have here? The first new feature in Crime Hunter in over two years? What is this feature you ask? Well, the AI in auto endless mode now has the ability to optionally automatically spend their points in the way they see fit to keep themselves alive! Maybe you could watch and learn from them? Hmm!
New in 2.5
Hello, and welcome to the first major new version of Crime Hunter in a few years! Here’s what’s new in this release.
This version of Crime Hunter is exclusively available through itch.io! Changes have been made to the codebase to make it more compatible for distribution through the platform. The entire game is now available through one purchase, and there is no more need for a registration name and key! Upon downloading this new version, you will be asked for your name you want to use for creating custom levels and posting on the scoreboard. You will not be able to change this name, so choose one you’d like to keep!
The readme has been updated accordingly to both list my Itch URL and to remove info about the no longer existent paid mode.

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