Sketchbook(your world)! обновлена до версии 5.3.3

Онлайновый платформер Sketchbook(your world)! получил очередное обновление.

Из-за внесенных в игру изменений более старые версии клиента могут не обновляться и сообщать о недоступности сервера. Требуется установить новую версию клиента.

Moves health from server to client. This fixes fast health zones as a potential method of lag. It also has the potential to break maps that rely on hammering enter while falling to your death to finish them.
Fixed destination map field of ranged travelpoint didn’t behave correctly.
Fixed single-square ranged-travelpoint was reported by the spyer as 1x1x1, it should have just said travelpoint.
Obscurity zones no longer require the absolute minimum point of a given object to be inside the zone to obscure it from the object menu, now if any point on the object is inside the zone it will be obscured.
The map setting for starting health will now, if possible, edit an existing line rather than adding a new one that doesn’t do anything, since only the first one is parsed. It will also automatically fill the box with the current value, whether that be the default 1000 or the existing health declaration.

Версия игры на нашем облаке была обновлена

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